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The St. James Fund

The past year and a half has been unlike any that we have experienced before.  There are so many unknowns, and it seems like the news changes from the time you go to bed until you wake up.  However, through it all, St. James has remained a constant, steady, loving haven for your children.  In a time of complete chaos, consistency can be found in the classroom, smiles can be seen, and laughter can be heard.  Children are resilient.  They are strong, brave, and capable.  More and more I find myself looking at the children in awe; marveling at how well they have adjusted to the “new normal” and not only coped with the changes but thrived in spite of them.
We all want the best for our children, especially now, and that is what we strive to provide at St. James.  We want to give them the best education, with the best teachers, in the best environment.  We are extremely fortunate that tuition covers all the immediate needs of the school, but it doesn’t cover the “extras.”  The “extras” are continuing education opportunities for the teachers and staff, improvements on the playground, in-house field trips for the children, and financial aid for families in need.  With your help, we can cover a lot of “extras” for the school.
The St. James Fund is the foundation of our fundraising efforts at St. James Episcopal School.  This year, the Fund will help send two of our teachers to be trained by the American Montessori Society.  The program takes two years, and upon completion, the teachers will receive their Montessori certification.  This means you have the most highly trained Montessori teachers in the classroom with your children.  The Fund will also assist us as we evaluate how to increase shade areas on the playground.  We lost a big tree during the February “snowpocalypse,” and we are in need of relief from the hot Texas sun!  The Fund will also provide enriching field trips for the children, with organizations such as the Dallas Museum of Art, the Perot Museum, and the Dallas Zoo. 
We live in an overwhelming world right now, and it’s easy to feel like you can’t do anything to help, but you can.  You can help St. James be the best it can be.  Please thoughtfully consider how you can support this special school.  Every donation makes a difference.
Help us create our butterfly donor wall with your gift.   
     Blue Butterfly: $500
      Yellow Butterfly: $750
      Green Butterfly: $1000
      Pink Butterfly: $1500