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The St. James Fund FAQs

By making a gift to the St. James Fund, you have the unique opportunity to make an immediate impact on the school.  You contribute to the success of our students, faculty, and the St. James mission.  Administration, Trustees, and other potential donors view participation as one indicator of satisfaction in the school.  Without your donation, tuition would have to be raised, and there would not be funds for special events or projects at the school.  Every gift made, no matter the size, makes a difference! 
If possible, please make your donation online on North Texas Giving Day, September 23rd at
Plan ahead!  Donations can be made in advance at  Go online between September 1st and 22nd and make your donation to St. James.   
Donations can be made online anytime via our secure, online giving link at  Donations and pledges can also be submitted to the school office at any time.  Please fill out the Contribution Form and turn it in with your donation.
Our butterfly wall inside the front doors of the school is where we honor those who give to the St. James Fund.  Without them, the school would not be what it is today.  To become a member of the donor wall, donate $500 or more to the St. James Fund and you will receive a butterfly with your name and the date. With your donation of $500 or more you will also receive a St. James Fund yard sign!
Maximizing participation is a testament to our donors’ belief in what we are doing at St. James.  It also shows other organizations and future students that we have an actively involved community.  We also add a friendly competition between classrooms to make it a bit more fun.  We track each classroom’s participation and the class with the highest percentage of participation will celebrate with a party!