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The St. James Fund

The St. James Fund campaign will kick off on Thursday, September 19th!
Welcome to the 51st year of St. James Episcopal School!  Parents say our Lake Highlands school is the “hidden gem” of the community, and we are so happy you have found us.  For us though, your children are the real “gems” of the community.  We are so blessed to see their sweet, smiling faces every day, and watch them learn and grow right before our eyes.
St. James is a community based on giving.  We wouldn’t be who we are without our teachers who give their whole hearts to the children they teach; our staff who give all their effort to keep the school running; our students, who give us the love and inspiration to come back day after day; and our parents, who give us the support we need to continue doing what we love. 
St. James Episcopal School can’t be a “gem” without you.  We need you to give, to show your support, to be a part of the giving circle that we have created.  The St. James Fund is the foundation of our fundraising efforts at St. James Episcopal School.  The campaign allows us to fulfill our mission to challenge students academically, spiritually, and artistically.  Your donation to the St. James Fund is 100% tax-deductible and can be paid over time.
The Board of Trustees is executing a five-year strategic plan to ensure the school’s sustainability, maximize facilities, and maintain its valuable Christian education while readying our children for the next chapter in their lives.  Donations received this year will be put toward implementing the strategic plan and continuing to make St. James Episcopal School the glowing “gem” of the community.  The St. James Fund is so much more than making a donation, it’s giving your child the future you want for them.
The 2019-2020 St. James Fund campaign runs from September 19th-November 22nd with a goal to raise $50,000.  We will kick off on September 19th in conjunction with North Texas Giving Day.  By giving through North Texas Giving Day, you are helping St. James qualify for one or more of 100 prizes, which means more money for the school!  Donations can be made at
Help us create our butterfly donor wall with your gift.   
     Blue Butterfly: $500
      Yellow Butterfly: $750
      Green Butterfly: $1000
      Pink Butterfly: $1500
We have a unique environment here at St. James, and we hope you embrace and love it as much as our families have for the past 50 years.  Thank you for your support of St. James.  We couldn’t do it without you!