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The St. James Fund

The St. James Fund campaign will kick off on Thursday, September 17th! 
This will, without a doubt, be the most unique school year any of us have ever experienced.  Whether you are working from home, going into the office, helping your children with virtual learning, praying that schools will remain open, or any combination thereof - we are here to support and help you in any way we can.
We hold the health and safety of our students to the highest standards and want to provide them with the best education we can while keeping them protected.  This year, we have implemented new policies and procedures, and added safety equipment for every classroom, teacher, and child.  While these added precautions are undoubtedly necessary, they come with a significant cost.
The St. James Fund is the foundation of our fundraising efforts at St. James Episcopal School.  This year, the Fund will help offset the costs needed to prepare for this unique school year and to maintain a safe and healthy environment.  The St. James Fund will also provide additional financial aid to those families in need.  Your support, now more than ever, is so important.  Without you, we cannot continue to do what we do best – love, teach, and care for our students.
The 2020-2021 St. James Fund will begin on September 17th and run through November 20th with a goal to raise $60,000.  The Fund kicks off in conjunction with North Texas Giving Day, the largest community-wide giving event in the nation.  By donating to the St. James Fund during NTxGD, you are enabling St. James to qualify for prizes and additional bonus funds which means more money for the school.  Your donation to the Fund is 100% tax-deductible and can be paid over time.
While so many things around us have changed, our love for the children, our school families, and our community have not.  We are so excited to see the children’s sweet, smiling faces again and hear laughter in the hallways.  It has been much too quiet without them.  During this unique point in time, please thoughtfully consider how you can help support this special school.  Every donation makes a difference.  Together, we will make it through.
Help us create our butterfly donor wall with your gift.   
     Blue Butterfly: $500
      Yellow Butterfly: $750
      Green Butterfly: $1000
      Pink Butterfly: $1500