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Board of Trustees

St. James Episcopal School is governed by the Board of Trustees who is charged by the Vestry of St. James Episcopal Church to uphold the school's mission, goals and objectives.  St. James is indebted to these individuals who give generously of their time, talent, wisdom and resources in advancement of the school's mission.  


2023 - 2024 Board of Trustees

Michael Schott, President
Justin Dugas, Treasurer
Becky Reimer, Secretary
Loree Birkenback, Head of School
Kenneth Lawrence, Sr. Warden
Frank McColloch, Jr. Warden
Scott Doggett, Chancellor
Fr. Jonathan Melton, Rector
Julie Anne Anderson
Christopher Suba
Lauren Trlica
Rob Wedinger
Stephanie Jacques
Ryan Higgins
Katherine Fredericks
Randi Mays
Hilary Monroe
Lance Wyatt