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Meet our Staff


Loree Birkenback
Head of School/ Gardening Teacher
Loree has been with St. James for 26 years.  Her youngest son, Logan, attended St. James.  Loree spent a year teaching art and botany, a year as a Primary assistant and 12 years as the Lead Elementary teacher before stepping into the headship.  She has a degree in Life Sciences from Louisiana Tech University and a Masters of Arts in Education and Curriculum Design.  She received her Montessori training from Dallas Montessori Academy and her lower elementary certification from the American Montessori Society.
Loree lives in Rockwall with her husband.  Her son, Dylan, is in the Air Force stationed in Colorado, and her youngest son is in the Navy, stationed in Florida.  Her oldest daughter, Bianca, works in the Primary program and her youngest daughter, Coral, works in the Toddler program.  You’ll often see her son Aaron working in the garden here at SJES.  Loree proudly announces she has 9 darling grandchildren that she can’t get enough of!  Loree enjoys spending time gardening, raising chickens, camping, running, canoeing, and playing golf with her husband.

Lisa Wilson
School Administrator /After School Care Coordinator
Lisa began her SJES journey as a substitute teacher in 1995 – the same year her daughter, Jordan, started as a 3 year old.  Then, in the fall of 1997, she became a full time employee, serving various roles from assistant in the primary classroom, to school administrator.  In the fall of 2011, Ms. Lisa took over as Head of the After School Care Program, and continues to serves as school administrator.  Jordan continued as a student at St. James through 3rd grade, and graduated from the University of Arkansas in the spring of 2015.
Lisa enjoys watching movies and walking her dog Charlie during her free time.

Becky Reimer
Business Manager
Becky has served 10 years as St. James Episcopal School’s Business Manager.  Becky has her BA in Accounting and is a licensed CPA.  Becky is responsible for all financial aspects related to the operation of the school.
Becky is married with two wonderful sons. She enjoys spending time with them pursuing their interests.

Hanna McKee
Director of Development
Technology, and Christian Education Teacher
Hanna has been at St. James for seven years.  She has taught art, technology, and Christian Education, and is now the Director of Development.  Hanna earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and graphic design from James Madison University.
Hanna is an active member of St. James Episcopal Church, and enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Lead Teachers

Jaymie Esquivel
Primary 1 - Lead Teacher
Ms. Jaymie is the lead teacher for the Primary 1 classroom.  This is her seventh year at St. James.  Four of those years were spent in After School Care and the Toddler classroom.  After a strong interest in the Primary curriculum, she moved to Primary, and this is her third year in the classroom.
Ms. Jaymie is studying at the University of Texas at Permian Basin to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Child and Family Studies.  She has a strong passion for the Montessori Philosophy, and enjoys the hands-on learning experience that she gains in the classroom.  Her favorite thing about Montessori is the promotion of peace and independence.  She loves to lead circle time and engage with the children in the learning environment.
Some of Jaymie's hobbies are reading, writing, hiking, and scrap-booking. She enjoys working with the youth at her church, and volunteering whenever possible.
Jaymie has a five and a half year old daughter who attends St. James.  Both Jaymie and her daughter love St. James dearly, and cannot imagine being anywhere else. 

Diana Barrineau
Primary 2 - Lead Teacher
Diana Barrineau has been at St. James as a Lead Primary teacher since 1999.  She received her education degree from Texas Tech University and her Montessori Teacher Training from Brookhaven College.  She has enjoyed watching the growth of St. James during her time here.  Mrs. Barrineau enthusiastically promotes all aspects of the Montessori curriculum, but especially enjoys teaching with the math and language materials.  She also loves the fact that she has some of the same students for a three-year rotation and has the privilege of watching them grow and mature.
Mrs. Barrineau lives in Dallas with her husband, and enjoys the time she is able to be with her two children, Jillian and Chas.  They both began their education at St. James.  Mrs. Barrineau values time spent with her family.

Riffat Khan
Primary 3 - Lead Teacher
Mrs. Riffat Kahn comes to St. James Episcopal School with 14 years of teaching experience.  Mrs. Riffat earned her Montessori certification from Collin County in 2003 and holds a Master’s degree in Biochemistry.  Mrs. Riffat proudly dedicates herself to enriching the lives of young children through the Montessori materials, which in turn creates a rich community, and ultimately a better world.
Mrs. Riffat is happily married.  She and her husband have three handsome sons, ages 10, 16, and 20 years.  She enjoys spending time with her family creating memories.  She also enjoys reading, listening to music, watching movies, and finding time for relaxation.

Bianca Goolsby
Primary 4 - Lead Teacher
Bianca Goolsby is the lead teacher in the Primary 4 classroom.  This is her sixth year at St. James Episcopal School.  Bianca earned a Bachelor's degree in History and English from Texas A&M Commerce in 2005.  She completed her Montessori certification through the Shelton School in Dallas.  She has worked in the child care industry for eight years, this being her sixth year in a Montessori school.
Bianca enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and sleeping when she can.  She also enjoys movies, swimming, and couponing.

Daisy Lopez
Toddler 1 - Lead Teacher

Lenuta (Lilly) Petrini
Toddler 2 - Lead Teacher
This is Lilly’s eighth year working at St. James.  She is the lead teacher in the Toddler 2 classroom.  Lilly is from Romania, and after earning her accounting certificate she worked as an accountant in a Christian orphanage.  She married in 2005 and moved to Dallas.  Lilly’s son, Villy, is in sixth grade at Dealey Montessori School and is a St. James alumnus.  During her spare time she reads, cooks Romanian food, and takes long walks in the park.
Coral Birkenback
Toddler 3 - Lead Teacher  
Coral Birkenback has been at St. James Episcopal School for 12 years.  She started out helping in the Mother’s Day Out program for five years.  She then became a teacher’s assistant in the toddler program, and is now a lead toddler teacher.  Coral has her Infant/Toddler training from the North American Montessori Center.  
Coral has a seven year old named Jolene who attends Dealey Montessori, and loves spending time with her family and friends.  She enjoys cooking, swimming, running, shopping, and listening to music.
Ashley Schlachter
Toddler 4 - Lead Teacher
This is Ashley Schlachter's fifth year at St. James Episcopal School.  She began her journey as a substitute teacher and soon became an assistant teacher in the Mother's Day Out classroom.  Ashley is excited to return as Lead Teacher in the Toddler 4 classroom.  Ashley attended Navarro College as an education major, and is currently working on her Infant/Toddler certification from the North American Montessori Center.  Including her experience teaching young children and working as a professional nanny, this is Ashley's ninth year as a ballet instructor at a local ballet studio.
Ashley loves spending time with her family and friends.  She also has a beautiful 6 year old daughter named Madeline.

Amy Kincannon
Mother's Day Out - Lead Teacher
Amy Kincannon is a lead teacher this year.  This is her sixth year at St. James, and she has more than 10 years of experience working in Montessori.  Amy began her journey at St. James when her son started in the Toddler class in 2010.  The following year she began substituting, and continued until her son graduated from St. James in 2014.
Amy is married to her husband RD and they have 1 son, Ethan, who is 11 and goes to Wallace Elementary.  She enjoys traveling and spending time with her friends and family.

Assistant Teachers

Lauren Hawes
Primary 1 - Assistant Teacher

Sheila Garcia
Primary 2 - Assistant Teacher

Andrea Williams
Primary 1&2 - Floater

Anna Murphy
Primary 3 - Assistant Teacher

Amy Caron Halstead
Primary 4 - Assistant Teacher

Kristin Bullard
Primary 3&4 - Floater

Rebecca Bougie
Toddler 1 - Assistant Teacher

Melissa Mezta 
Toddler 2 - Assistant Teacher

Anna Rodriguez
Toddler 2 - Assistant Teacher

Brenda Rodriguez
Toddler 3 - Assistant Teacher

Keke Hamilton
Toddler 3 - Assistant Teacher

Evelyn Paw
Toddler 4 - Assistant Teacher

Kasidy Cahill
Mother's Day Out - Assistant Teacher