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The Children’s Garden
A little over 7 years ago I asked some of the parents to help me build a small garden in the grassy patch outside of my office.  The small garden grew into an amazing series of gardens, rock pathways  and  patios. Many other parents, teachers and students joined us for the next 2 years as we carried out our vision of a Children’s Garden. Now our garden is alive with plants, creatures, oh, and children working and learning! The children come to the garden each Friday for a lesson and to choose their work. Some of our favorite gardening works are: giving plants mulch blankets, rolling the composter, rock scrubbing, working with the garden tools, and watching life cycles of the plants and insects in our garden.  We also harvest what we’ve grown for cooking or art in our classrooms!

Our garden has been a wonderful addition to our Montessori hands-on method of learning.

-Loree Birkenback